Gamers around the world simply cannot get over this particular video game. The graphics, the scintillating feeling like you are live on the war front; all of these cannot easily be replicated. However, there is one thing that can be replicated, giving COD fans, even more, to rave about. This is the Call of Duty Emblem. There are several emblems in call of duty that are used to represent different factions in the video game. If you are looking to have it replicated, then this is the perfect place for you.

We have all the information and tutorials that you would need to bring your Call of Duty emblem to life. You can now design your emblems by using any of our tutorials. There are a lot of Call of Duty emblems for you to choose from. Whether you are looking to create authentic cod emblems or symbols from other releases, we have just what you are looking for. We also have tutorials on black ops 2 emblems and black ops 3 emblems for you.

All you need to know about Call of Duty (Terms, Emblems and Lots more!)

With the developments in Call of Duty Black Ops came the customizable feature of the game emblems. This impressive feature revolutionized the warfare gaming environment and presented gamers around the world with the opportunity to show off creativity not just in game play, but also in design. The feature became a lot more popular, and when Black Ops 2 was released, the customizable emblem feature became even more popular. You can now edit your logo and even player cards, which gives gamers, even more, freedom. Call of duty emblems do not have to be restricted to gaming designs; you can create your seal with anything you can think of.

This freedom the feature brought created a more radical form of gaming, where gamers can display all types of ideas including comical, heinous, rude and even some dirty designs. It is important to note that not all versions of the game come with a customizable feature. The Wii version of the video game does not give users the chance to customize their video game emblems.

It is also possible to customize player tags and even call signs in the video game.

  • Call Signs: Call signs are similar to nametags in the video game. It is also possible to customize your call sign to ensure your gameplay carries a unique personality. Call signs can be used to distinguish personalities during gameplay, and this then presents gamers the chance to display their uniqueness in design and creativity. Call signs in the game include player title, level, COD 2 emblems, the clan the gamer belongs to and a list of other details that are relevant to the gameplay.
  • Player cards: COD player cards are another personalized feature of the video game. This also gives gamers the chance to create their unique designs and display them in open play. The player card displays the background of the gamer and also the emblem. This feature, however, needs to be unlocked by obtaining COD points during gameplay.

These features totally enhance the overall feel of the game and make it even more addictive. It is not always serious, as there are some completely funny COD emblems that are displayed in the video game. This feature gives you the opportunity to see as many cool emblems as you can in gameplay.

COD Emblem Tutorial

Our all-new COD emblem tutorial teaches all that you need to design your emblem for the game. Learn how to design cool call of duty emblems and fill other gamers with envy. The best cod emblems are easy to emulate, and they also manage to carry a bit of the gamer"s personality in them (so get ready to see some funny COD emblems). By using the call of duty emblem creator, you can mix as many colors, designs and patterns in creating on of the best cod emblems that gamers have seen.

There are however some restrictions in the creation of Black OPs emblems. Players cannot use swear words and vulgar icons in creating clan tags. This should not stop you from flowing with creativity, as there are a lot of other creative ideas that you can make use of to create your cool call of duty emblems.

Things you can do with the new COD emblems

Okay, by now you must be wondering what the entire buzz is about the customizable emblem feature in Call of Duty. It goes beyond just designing cool COD emblems to be used in open play. Cool Call of Duty emblems are becoming a popular aspect of the Black Ops series. The video game gives users the ability to design their COD emblems and showcase these designs. Gamers can now publish, showcase and even copy emblems in Black Ops 3. Now you can spend hours on end simply looking at COD emblems and thinking up your unique designs. There are also a lot of COD emblem tutorial videos from which you can hone your skills and develop yourself as a designer. You can now create your custom logo for your gaming profile.

How to do this?

You can manipulate emblems from any screen on the game. Browse through your menu and locate the ‘Options" at the bottom right corner. In the options page, you can find ‘emblems" and click on it. You will then find all the emblems that are available to your profile. Locate the one that you have created and then select "options". From here you can perform a series of operations like copying, deleting, publishing and even rearranging your cool COD emblems and other files for the game.

To view the COD emblems of other players, you have to visit the profile of the player. This can be done by going through the lobby or skimming through the section of players that you have previously met. When you select a player, a dialog box opens and from there you will see the "showcase" feature.

COD emblems are becoming a vital part of the game. This presents an even more attractive and addictive view for gamers. With the new COD emblem tutorial feature, you can now get as creative as you want! Come up with your cool emblems and showcase your talents to the world. Call of Duty player emblems are a new feature that shows guts, can you show yours?

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